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Organic Egg In a Hole IngredientsI don't mean to insult your intelligence by suggesting that you need a recipe for this dead-simple breakfast classic. Rather I offer it as a reminder that good, nutritious fare needn't involve dozens of ingredients, elaborate kitchen gyrations, or even many dirty dishes. If each part of the dish is perfect, the sum of its parts is pretty sublime.

For this you need only a few slices of good whole grain bread, fresh, organic eggs, a pat of creamy butter, a pinch of crunchy salt, and a quick grind of black pepper! Add a slice of Organic Valley's real American Singles cheese for an extra special touch.
-Valorie Lee Schaefer



Spread the bread—both sides—with about half of the butter. Put the rest of the butter into a skillet large enough to hold both slices of bread side-by-side, and melt it over medium heat.

Use a round cookie or biscuit cutter to cut a hole of each slice of buttered bread.  Now you have two little buttered “lids!”

When the butter is sizzling but not browned, put both slices of bread and their buttered “lids” in the pan. Break an egg in the center of each slice of bread. Season each egg with a bit of coarse salt ground between your fingers, and a grind of black pepper.

When the egg white has cooked and the yolk is sunnyside-ish but not slimy, flip each slice of bread carefully so the yolks don’t break. Flip the bread “lids’ too.

Use a spatula to peek underneath to ensure that the egg is cooked to taste and the bread is pleasantly brown and crunchy. When you like what you see, flip each bread/egg parcel onto a plate, place the toasted “lid” at a jaunty angle, and serve.

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J from on March 4th, 2013
Glad you provided the recipe for this 'dead simple breakfast classic.' I can't wait till I have time to make it for my kids one morning. Definitely easier than pancakes.
Betty Ann from Colorado on March 2nd, 2013
I used to do this for my kids. Didn't know the name of it at the time. Our kids are now in their 30's with kids of their own.
Charlotte from Texas on February 27th, 2013
We called this Toad in the Hole when I was growing up. Someone told me that is a British version. ????
wendy from ca on February 26th, 2013
My mom learned this in Girl Scouts and became our fave camping and at home for any meal.We've also added sliced cheese once egg is done to your liking. For those that like to mop up your toast in yolk, keep turning without breaking it til ready to eat....

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