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A sure kid pleaser with no added sweetener! Super easy and fun to make!


  • 2 cups organic pulp-free orange juice, poured into an icecube tray and frozen
  • 4 cups Chamomile tea (or your favorite fresh brewed tea)


Pour orange juice into clean ice cube trays. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze.

Brew your favorite tea (we tried Organic Chamomile, then Rosehips for a boost of Vitamin C) according to directions and allow to cool to room temperature.

Break up the icy orange cubes and pop a few into a tall glass, pour tea over the top and garnish with fresh mint and a cool straw!

Some fun teas to try with organic orange juice:

Lemon Balm
Lemon Zinger
Red Zinger


Children receive oodles of sugar from the beverages they drink. From soda, to non-stop undiluted juices, these sugars can add up. So make the switch to a fun, and nutritionally sound practice of teazers -- till sweet, but more thirst quenching! This "totally awesome" and somewhat fancy drink supplies a nice balance of fluids and a mega boost of Vitamin C. Let your child pick out their favorite tea and swirl the tea and orange ice in the blender for a slushie effect! It's a drink you both can agree upon and enjoy together!

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