Appetizer Mosaic with Feta Cheese Dome

Prep time
15 minutes
Total Time
15 minutes + chilling
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apx 2 cups

This Russian-inspired platter features a feta-dill cheese spread shaped into a dome and surrounded by fresh, local, organic vegetables and other good things. You can also serve the cheese with just rye crackers or bread.



1. Line a 2- or 3-cup dome-shaped bowl with plastic wrap so that the wrap overlaps the top of the bowl but also fits snugly against the insides of the bowl.

2. Gently unwrap the feta cheese. Rinse it in cool water and then pat it dry with paper towels. Crumble the cheese into the bowl of a food processor. Add eggs, sour cream and garlic; process the mixture, scraping the sides of the bowl a few times, until itís as smooth as possible. Add dill and pepper and process to combine.

3. Scrape the mixture into the lined bowl, pressing it down and smoothing out the top. Fold the overhanging plastic wrap over the top and chill it in the refrigerator until it firms up a bit, 2 or more hours.

4. To serve, unfold the plastic wrap and turn the cheese onto the center of a large platter that has been lined with lettuce leaves. Remove the plastic wrap. Surround the cheese dome with crackers or bread and desired optional garnishes to create a mosaic effect.

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