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We’ve adapted this amazing (almost) never-fail Hollandaise recipe from Julia Child’s classic, The French Chef Cookbook. If you thought “French chef” meant Cordon Bleu training, fuggedaboutit. This is so darn easy you’ll wonder why you ever used a mix. We like to hair it up with a little extra lemon juice for a good taste bud tickle, then sprinkle a dusting of cayenne on the plated and sauced Benedict. You can also sprinkle with sweet, smoked Hungarian paprika for visual appeal if you’re not into spicy brunches.

With Hollandaise this easy and this delicious, you won’t want to limit yourself to Eggs Benedict. The sauce is also delicious on steamed vegetables. Try it on the season’s first asparagus.

Tip: do not try this in a food processor! Only a good old blender or hand-mixer will do.



In small sauce pan, melt butter to very hot, almost bubbling.

In blender jar, combine yolks, lemon juice and salt (and cayenne, if using) and blend on medium (puree setting on most blenders) for 30 seconds.

With blender still on medium, remove cap from blender lid and slowly dribble the very hot butter into the yolk mixture. The sauce generally thickens after about half of the hot butter has been added, and you will be able to add the butter more quickly after that.

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Ellen from on April 16th, 2012
I have an even easier recipe. Take a circle of Canadian bacon. Top it with goat cheese, then a basted egg. Tastes pretty close to eggs benedict but is much healthier and quicker to make. Double it for a good start to your day, and add 1/3 cup of organic blueberries on the side.
Rebecca from Washington on April 16th, 2012
Add some Dijon mustard & the Hollandaise sauce will taste a lot better! I've made it this way for over 20 years. Been told it's the best sauce people have ever tasted!

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