Portabello Power Pizza

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Who needs dough? Flavor-rich portobellas make an awesome low-carb pizza "crust!"


  • 23 cup shredded Organic Valley Low Moisture Part Skim Mozzarella
  • 13 cup tomato sauce
  • 4 portobella mushrooms, wiped clean and stems removed (medium)
  • olive oil spray
  • 4 fresh basil leaves
  • 2 fresh garlic cloves, minced


Heat oven to 425 F. Spray both sides of the portabellos with an organic olive oil spray and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment or foil. Bake mushrooms for approximately 30 minutes, or until fork tender, turning once halfway through cooking time. Increase oven heat to broil.

Top concave side of mushroom with your favorite Muir Glen tomato sauce, minced garlic, and Organic Valley Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese.

Add more yummy toppings like black olives, precooked Organic Valley Italian Sausage, cooked Organic Valley Bacon, or bell peppers. Place under broiler for 1 minute or until cheese melts and becomes bubbly.

Serving Suggestions

Garnish with fresh basil leaves and enjoy.

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