Red Currant and Blue Cheese Butter (for Grilled or Broiled Steak)

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15 minutes
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15 minutes + grilling
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Here’s a topping for grilled steak that is as luscious as it is easy to make. It’s contributed by wild foods authority Teresa Marrone and comes from her informative cookbook, Cooking with Wild Berries and Fruits.

You may not have access to wild currants, but they can be found at farmers’ market stands and other fresh produce sources in summer. Currants are fairly tart; they make a tangy--and lovely--accent to savory dishes.

Teresa writes, “For longer storage, wrap the butter roll in foil and freeze it. It will keep for several months in the freezer; you can slice off what you need from the frozen roll and return it to the freezer.”



1. Combine butter, currants and garlic in a bowl; mash ingredients with a fork until well combined. Add blue cheese and mash lightly to combine—some of the blue cheese should retain its texture.

2. Spoon mixture onto a piece of waxed paper, in a line that’s about 8 inches longs. Roll up the waxed paper tightly to form a cylinder of butter; twist the ends closed. Refrigerate the butter for at least 2 hours, or up to 5 days.

3. To serve, slice off 1-inch rounds of the butter and place on Organic Prairie steaks that are hot off the grill or from the broiler.

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