Spring Rolls with Eggs and Fresh Herbs

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Light, healthy and utterly fresh-tasting, spring rolls are fun fast food--fast to make and fun to eat. Casual and convenient, they can start or make a meal. They're best eaten as soon as assembled but may be made ahead and refrigerated in an airtight container.

One special ingredient in spring rolls is "rice paper"--large, round, flat noodle disks that are found in Asian food markets and many grocery stores. The disks become soft and pliable as soon as you immerse them in hot water. Pile on strips of cooked egg, fresh herbs and spring vegetables and then roll them up into hand-held cylinders and serve them with dipping sauces.

There are no measurements given for the ingredients here, because you can adapt the amounts to make any number of spring rolls. And you can vary the vegetables and herbs as you like, too. For heartier spring rolls, add strips of baked tofu or cooked Organic Prairie chicken to the mix.


  • Organic Valley eggs
  • peanut oil (or sunflower oil)
  • 8- inch round rice noodle papers
  • lettuce, cut into strips (or spinach)
  • bean sprouts (or slivered radishes, cucumber or asparagus, or use a mixture)
  • green onions, slivered
  • cilantro (or mint or basil leaves or use a mixture)
  • Bottled Szechuan sauce
  • Bottled hoisin sauce


1. Bring a kettle of water to boil. Meanwhile, beat 2 eggs in a bowl. Heat a little oil in a large, nonstick skillet over medium flame. Add the eggs and swirl the pan so that the liquid covers the bottom. Cook undisturbed until eggs are almost completely set and have become a thin “pancake.” Flip the egg pancake to cook the other side. Remove from skillet, let cool and then cut the egg pancake into strips. (Repeat as needed to get the desired total amount of egg strips.) Assemble all the spring roll ingredients on a platter or in bowls.

2. Pour some boiling water into a wide pan. For each spring roll: Dip 1 sheet of rice paper into the hot water--the dough will quickly become pliable. Remove, let excess water drip off and place it on a large plate. Soak another sheet and partially overlap it onto the first. Layer the following near the bottom border: several strips of cooked egg; 2-3 small lettuce or spinach leaves; a few bean sprouts and/or other vegetables; some of the fresh herb(s) and some green onions. Roll up the spring roll from its bottom edge; when it’s rolled up about half way, fold the side edges up and over the filling and then tightly roll up the spring roll the rest of the way. (Reheat the water, or add additional hot water to your supply as needed while assembling the rolls.)

3. Serve with sauces (they’re good mixed or alone).

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