The Good Sport

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Perfect pick-me-up that's rich in muscle building protein and essential fatty acids!



Whirl all ingredients in the blender for 3-5 minutes. For extra protein (and great creamy flavor) add more Organic Valley Nonfat Dry Milk Powder! Enjoy!

Serving Suggestions

The Good Sport Smoothie makes a great creamy frozen treat. Simply pour into plastic molds and pop into the freezer. ENJOY!


Kids in the Kitchen:

Growing children and active adults need more easy to digest protein! The Good Sport Smoothie provides the perfect combination of EFA's and muscle building protein along with a rich creamy taste the whole family will love! Pour it into leak proof containers for your next hike, bike ride, or day at the beach. Refreshing and nutritious!

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drea from milwaukee on June 8th, 2012
What is the need for the powdered milk? I don't use this for anything so curious about a substitute.
Kim from nh on February 24th, 2011
On the back of the Organic Valley Dry Milk package was a recipe for 'healthy frosting'.
Does anyone have this recipe?
I would really appreciate having it as I want to try it for a birthday cake.
Thanks in advance,
Angie at Organic Valley

Hi Kim,

You can still find the recipe on our milk powder package, or it's here on our website.

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