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Bio Fuels Used at Organic Valley

On-farm biofuel production is a cornerstone of Organic Valley's sustainability program. On-farm sustainability coordinator Jake Wedeberg and Biodiesel project coordinator Zach Biermann introduce the co-op's all-biofuel trucking fleet, then visit farmer Josh Engel's oil seed plantings.

Organic Heroes Keynote Panel

Organic Heroes keynote panel 7/26/09 at Kickapoo Country Fair, La Farge, Wisc. Organic Valley chief marketing exec Theresa Marquez introduces the panelists: Timothy LaSalle, Ken Cook,  Ronnie Cummins, Genya Erling, and Ron Kind.

Organic Animal Care

The farmers of our cooperative have established guidelines for animal care because optimal herd health results in the most sustainable production of the safest and most nutrient-rich foods.

Going Organic

Organic Valley farmers share their perspectives, hopes and dreams in this award winning film.

7:31 minutes

Down Nature's Trail

Meet Dan Hazlett, Organic Valley's naturalist, writer and artist.

3:03 minutes

New England Pastures

New England farmers, retailers and industry partners are working together to save New England family farms.

6:03 minutes

California Pastures

California farmers extol the unending health benefits to grazing their herds on pasture.

7:45 minutes

Texas Pastures

Organic dairy brings stability today and hope for tomorrow to Texas dairy farmers.

6:47 minutes

Meet Father, Activist, Swimmer Christopher Swain

Learn how you can help clean our waterways by 9am every morning.

2:55 minutes

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