Organic Animal Care

The farmers of our cooperative have established guidelines for animal care because optimal herd health results in the most sustainable production of the safest and most nutrient-rich foods.

Herd Health
Cows are grazed on pasture when weather permits, a requirement set by Organic Valley farmers to maximize herd health and longevity.

Feeding Organically
The health of the whole farm starts with the soil. Healthy soils balanced with proper nutrients insure healthy cows.


Milking & Milking Parlors
Cows are milked for 10 months a year. Farmers try their best to create a calm relaxing environment to maximize herd health.

Calf Treatment
Organic Valley cows have their first calf at 2 years of age. Calves get fresh, whole milk for 2 months.


Laying Hens
Organic Valley eggs standards exceed national standards for pasture access and indoor space.

Transportation of Animals
Stress-free transportation is the highest priority for Organic Valley farmers.


Organic Animal Care

Holistic Health for Animals

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