Using Kwikee is as Easy as Can Be!

Follow the instructions below to get started on downloading Organic Valley and Organic Prairie images and copy.

  1. REQUEST User Name and Password

You will receive an e-mail within 24 hours confirming your user name and password. This is a one-time step to set you up as a user on the system.

  1. LOG-ON to the Kwikee system at
  1. CLICK on the SIGN IN square, enter user name & password. (First time users will be asked to update their user profile and to accept the legal usage disclaimer statement before proceeding to the search page).
  2.  ENTER manufacturer name or UPC in search area, hit GO.
  3. SELECT product images and/or copy for Organic Valley and Organic Prairie products.
  4. DOWNLOAD to desktop if desired or load to cart to be emailed.

If you experience difficulties downloading our images contact Organic Valley Sales Support for immediate assistance.

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