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Annake Ramsey

Produce Program Manager
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Welcome to our family farms, where the fields are small, the soil is healthy, and a tradition of sensational, seasonal taste has come back to the table! Organic Valley Family of Farms is:

  • Owned by farmers. America's largest organic farmer cooperative. We're real farmers with real faces. From our network of sustainable, small farms, we pool nature's very best produce and provide a healthy volume to satisfy all of your customers.
  • Taste! Re-discover the succulent heart of flavor only available from the nurtured plots of Organic Valley. Protecting the earth is a delicious way to treat the palate!
  • Biodiverse. Our biggest field is a mere ten acres, containing a balance of 5 crop varieties. Organic Valley produce farmers have pioneered and perfected careful, sustainable-scale organic methods for fifteen years.
  • In harmony with nature. We honor the cycle of life and all living things, never using synthetic pesticides or herbicides, but ever-folding the nutrients of composted organic matter back into the earth and rotating crops to build healthy soil for today and tomorrow.
  • USDA Organic. All Organic Valley produce is grown under the strictures of the Federal Organic Rule, legislation we played an important role in establishing.
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