Drink Locally with milk from New England Pastures 

Our vision is simple: Keep it organic and close to home. Whenever possible, we want our consumer-partners getting products from farms and plants nearby. That’s why we call your local milk “New England Pastures.” Regional production and distribution means our customers get the delicious, high-quality, fresh product they enjoy, while supporting farmers close to home. Regional, organic production builds the local economy and allows rural communities to protect the environment in which their children are raised.

Land prices and other pressures have made it hard for many farmers to stay in business in the New England region. Our cooperative mission is to keep organic family farmers on the farm, taking care of the land and resources in your region.

You can enjoy delicious organic New England Pastures™ Milk and other Organic Valley foods while supporting farmers, boosting local economies, and protecting land and resources near you. Raise a glass of organic milk and toast the region's farming heritage, for today and for generations to come!

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