Drink Locally with fresh milk from Southeast Pastures.

Our vision is regional—regional, organic, and sustainable. Supporting organic farmers regionally gives our customers the delicious, high-quality, fresh product they enjoy. Regional, organic production builds the local economy and allows rural communities to protect the environment in which their children are raised.

You can enjoy delicious organic milk and other Organic Valley foods while supporting farmers, boosting local economies, and protecting land and resources near you.  Meet some Southeastern farm families who are members of the Organic Valley cooperative.

Terry and Alyson Ingram

Terry and his wife, Alyson, their two small children, Terry’s parents, and his brother, live on and work the farm where Terry was born and raised. “I’ll never claim to be a wise man,” Terry says, “but I’m at least a smart man. Once you experience what it’s like to farm organic, your eyes open to how abundant nature is. I am blessed to see it every day. I feel privileged to be able to farm this way.”

Chris and Tara Hoffner

The reasons why conventional farmers transition to organic are many, but one in particular prevails. From their 620 acre family farm in North Carolina, the story is as fresh when Chris and Tara Hoffner tell it as if it were the first time.

Neill and Cori Lindley

“Each day we see a new blessing in working with nature instead of against it,” Neill says. And the natural balance of things is certainly evident on the Lindley’s farm.

Rick and Dorcas Parker

“Given the way the business was going while our kids were growing up,” Rick says, “we kind of pushed them to get educated in other fields. Now we feel hopeful that things will work out here, so we’re trying to make room for the whole clan.”

George and Cherry Teague

"Ever since we’ve been part of Organic Valley all the farmers and farm families we’ve met are so positive, supportive and sharing," Cherry says. "We have never experienced anything like that. It’s a real eye-opener. We feel blessed every day for that connection."

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