Drink Locally with milk fresh from the Southwest!

Our vision is regional—regional organic dairy. 

Since 2005, when a small group of organic Texas dairy farmers joined our cooperative, Organic Valley has been proud to provide organic milk from the pastures of the Lone Star State. We have since expanded our regional vision and welcomed a New Mexico farmer (located about 20 miles from Texas) to our family of farms. Now you can enjoy delicious organic milk knowing you're helping to keep family farmers on the land, boosting the local economy and protecting Texas and New Mexico land for future generations!

Johanna, Al and Jesse Deal

According to siblings Johanna, Charles “Al” and Jesse Deal who run the Deal Farm today, their father was a conservationist and a visionary. He always said that in the future, we will not feed grain to cows, only grass. Because the world will get so starved for food, all the grain will have to be used for people. That’s how they farmed then, and it’s how they farm now on 690 acres of northeast Texas.

Charles and Kaye Williams

“I think people who farm organically do it because they really want to farm.  It wouldn’t seem like the thing to do to make these big changes at age 59, but I intend to rebuild the farm, leave it a better place. I know that’s possible when I watch the cows graze. I like to turn them out after milking and walk amongst them while they graze.”

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