Everything we bring to the shelf is USDA certified organic, and organic is always non-GMO. Organic Valley is a leader in the movement to label GMO’s. Everyone should know what’s in their food.

What is a GMO

A “GMO” is a genetically modified organism (also known as GM or GE) created when genes of a plant or animal have DNA added to them. This DNA comes from different species of living organisms including bacteria and viruses. Monsanto’s Roundup® Ready seeds, engineered for resistance to Monsanto’s herbicide glyphosate, are common examples of genetically modified organisms.

Right now, at least 93% of corn and 94% of soy in the US are considered GMO crops, and that is just the tip of the iceburg. We don’t know if genetically engineered crops are safe, but we follow the precautionary principle: farming practices, such as the use of GMOs, should be prohibited until proven beyond doubt to be safe for animals, the environment and people.


Organic Is Always Non-GMO

Certified organic foods are never permitted to use GMOs in ingredients or production. The best way to avoid genetically engineered foods is to choose organic. Organic not only means non-GMO, it also means no antibiotics were used, no synthetic pesticides, and no artificial hormones. All Organic Valley products are USDA certified organic so that you can know exactly what went into your food (and what didn’t).  

Our Track Record

Organic Valley farmers have not and will never use genetically modified organisms. Since 1989, we dedicated our time and money to help fight against the use of GE’s in agriculture. We have donated more than $500,000 to assist efforts for mandatory GMO labeling.

Here is a glimpse of our long fight for labeling.

Fight for Family Farms

Arguments from pro-GMO lobbies say that genetically modified crops are necessary to feed the world. What they ignore is that the smaller family farms producing sustainably are being squeezed out by big agribusiness. Farmers who grow GMO crops, and some who simply suffer contamination are not allowed to save seeds. This means that they must purchase more seed each year, gaining profits not for the family on the farm, but for the director in the boardroom.

We believe in the interconnectedness of life. GMO’s promote monoculture while organic standards help support the interdependence of human, animal, plant, soil, and global life.

We are fighting tooth and nail to preserve organic family farms and their right to save seeds and cultivate without threat of GMO contamination. Without the family farm, the world’s food supply will be held in the wealthy hands of the few.

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