Speak Out on Genetically Engineered Salmon

Despite inadequate review of its environmental impacts, and studies showing negative effects on human health, FDA is poised to approve the sale of genetically engineered salmon in U.S. supermarkets. We have until November 22 to urge them to halt approval, or at the very least to label salmon so consumers know what they may be eating.

Learn more at the Center for Food Safety

Get the Issue Brief from Food and Water Watch

Video from Food and Water Watch:

Video from Center for Food Safety

Top 10 Freaky Things About "Frankenfish"

#9: The GMO Part of the GMO Salmon Isn't Being Safety Tested

#5: GMO salmon has 40% more IGF1, a hormone linked to prostate, breast and colon cancers.

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About GMOs

Organic production forbids the use of GMOs, which pose risks to the environment and human health.
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