Healthy Farms, Healthy Foods

Locally produced organic foods offer numerous benefits for your health and for the health of the animals, the soil, and the planet.

At Organic Valley, we pride ourselves in producing organic foods that satisfy the primary health concerns of consumers: good nutrition and protection from exposure to toxins and diseases. Our organically farmed foods are particularly well-suited to the unique nutritional needs and sensitivities of infants, children, and pregnant women.

Better taste and higher nutritional value

Ever tasted a real tree-ripened peach, or a garden-fresh ripe red tomato? If so you'll appreciate that food tastes better when it's grown in its own time. Organically raised animals grow at their own natural pace, without artificial growth hormones. This means less animal stress and better tasting food! Clean water, quality feed, fresh air, healthy pastures, and nutrient-rich soil all contribute to the superior taste of organically grown food.

The connection between flavor and nutrition is clear to us, since a number of organically produced foods have also been shown to have superior nutritional value. Whole milk from pasture-raised, organic cows, for example, has recently been shown to have higher levels of beneficial omega-3 and CLA essential fatty acids and a more healthful balance of omega-3 to omega-6. [1] Organic crops have also been shown to contain higher levels of antioxidants, be less likely to have pesticide residues, and contain significantly lower concentrations of bone-softening cadmium, a toxic metal on par with lead and mercury.[2]Nutrition and Health

Choose Organic for a Healthy Start

Organic food and farming can help slow and potentially reverse the rising incidence of overweight, obesity and diabetes through mechanisms that include:

  • promoting healthy cell division and laying the groundwork for healthy endocrine, immune system and other metabolic development;
  • establishing taste-based preferences in children for nutrient-dense, flavorful foods;
  • largely eliminating exposure to approximately 180 pesticides known to disrupt the development or functioning of the endocrine system

The Safest Choice

Food safety has been a growing concern of consumers since the late 1940's, when the use of synthetic chemicals in agricultural production was promoted to farmers as a way of enhancing productivity and increasing yield from every acre. Today, much uncertainty remains regarding the safety of currently used pesticides. Studies have implicated many of these substances in numerous serious health disorders, ranging from premature births to behavioral disorders to cancers. The use of antibioticssynthetic hormones, and genetically modified organisms to intensify production in modern conventional agriculture practices also presents concerns for human and animal health.

As organic farmers we believe that our plants and animals thrive when we care for them in harmony with nature. And, we have the high crop yields and low vet bills to prove it!

Healthy Lifestyle

If healthy living depends on knowing your body, then knowing what you eat and where it comes from is of equal importance. For several decades, industrialized production and mass marketing of foods have made it increasingly difficult for consumers to maintain or understand a connection with the source of their foods.

We at Organic Valley encourage you to seek out local food sources and support their healthy production practices at your local farmers market and at the supermarket. With our regional strategy of food production and distribution, we offer you the opportunity to buy food produced from the Organic Valley farms nearest to you

Knowing what we know about the benefits of organic production, we believe the act of selecting and preparing foods from local and organic farmers is an act of love, a celebration of life, and a positive step toward the bright future we envision for your family and for ours.

1."Organic Production Enhances Milk Nutritional Quality by Shifting Fatty Acid Composition: A United States-Wide, 18-Month Study" by Washington State University, published in PLOS ONE, Dec. 2013.


2."Higher antioxidant and lower cadmium concentrations and lower incidence of pesticide residues in organically grown crops: a synthetic literature review and meta-analyses" by Newcastle University, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, July 2014.




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