Mom was right: You are what you eat!  Recent news headlines have questioned the organic benefit, so we asked a farmer and a dietician to weigh in on whether choosing organic really matters. They say, if you want food that promotes health and minimizes your exposure to pesticides and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, organic is your best bet.

Benefits of Organic:
Reflections from the Farm

To dairy farmer—and mother —Regina Beidler, the future is organic.

Beyond the Headlines:
A Call for Common Sense

Are organic foods more nutritious, healthier or safer? Dietitian Melinda Hemmelgarn says "Yes." 


That Flawed Stanford Study

New York Times columnist Mark Bittman describes how the recent Stanford University meta-study on organic foods and nutrition generated headlines, but missed the point.


Kids today are sicker than they were a generation ago, and a growing body of scientific evidence points to pesticides as a reason why. A new PANNA report shows how pesticides undermine children’s health.

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