Beyond USDA Organic:

The Evolving Organic Food Lifestyle

You’ve made a decision to do the right thing. You want what’s best for you and your family. Now you’re faced with a whole new landscape of brands in the organic marketplace.

A good place to start is by looking for the USDA organic seal. This assures you of some basic organic practices used in producing the food. That’s a great start. But, emphasis on foundation. It’s only the beginning of where you might find yourself in the years to come as your organic lifestyle evolves.

The Evolving Organic Food FifestyleIf you consider the deepest spirit of organic (committed reverence for the interdependence of all life, humane animal treatment, fair trade, green business practices, etc.) and look closer at some of the organic brands, you’ll encounter many varieties of organizations behind the brands—corporations, cooperatives, family-owned businesses—and many levels of commitment to organic among them. They all begin at USDA Organic. Some stop there, but some go far beyond. You can, too.

As an organic farmer-owned and farmer-operated cooperative dedicated to protecting and strengthening practices that respect the interdependence of all life, we’ve developed a pyramid to illustrate our belief that the future is organic and sustainable. We see how much is available to the community above and beyond USDA Organic. The simple truth of it is that there are limits to what we can expect the federal government to assure. Looking at all the personal, community, agricultural and food-production pieces available to folks interested in an organic-fed lifestyle, we believe it’s a bright future indeed.

Where we go from here is up to all of us together. It’s a continuum to explore— each in our own way.

Download a PDF of the evolving organic lifestyle pyramid.

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