Common Practices of Organic Valley Farmers

In our ongoing efforts to steward the land and our animals, Organic Valley farmers utilize the following methods:

Humane Treatment of AnimalsAnimal welfare is always primary on an Organic Valley farmer's mind. All Organic Valley animals have access to the outdoors, fresh air, pure water, sunshine and exercise. Farmers use holistic methods to address animal health concerns without the use of antibiotics, or hormones.

Holistic Resource Management (HRM)—Also known as rotational grazing, HRM is a popular method of managing herd health and nutrition as well as protecting and improving the land.

Pasturing Animals—the best manure management program there is! Pasturing is also a key component of animal welfare. Organic Valley dairy farmers pasture when weather permits, and also maintain manure management plans aimed to protect our precious water resources.

Crop Rotation—this protects against depleting the soil's nutrients.

Strip or Contour Farming—makes rotations logical and helps prevent soil erosion.

Cover Crops—planted in the fall to winter or between rotations, these crops are plowed back into the earth, to revitalize the soil and prevent weeds. Cover crops also attract beneficial insects.

Buffer Zones—trees planted between pasture and stream help to keep cows and waste out of the streams.  

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)—Natural predators such as raptors, bats, and beneficial insects that prey on pests eliminate the need for harmful, persistent, toxic pesticides.

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