The Natural Hoax:
Natural Does NOT Equal Organic 

Some manufacturers want you to think “natural” is better than organic. Don’t be fooled.

Organic agriculture always starts from the ground up — building living soils as the foundation of a healthy planet, healthy animals, and healthy people.

Organic foods are ALWAYS third-party certified to comply with strict, far-ranging USDA organic regulations. “Natural” foods are NOT.

Don’t be fooled by the “natural” label.

If your personal health, the environment, and a more sustainable future for everyone are important to you, look for the organic seal.

Organic Valley goes further.

Learn more about how Organic Valley’s commitment to continual improvement in sustainable organic production has led us to meet and exceed the National Organic Standards.

Natural Challenges
Organic Valley "shero" Theresa Marquez writes about the evolving relationship between organic and natural. read more
Chart: Natural is not Organic
What does "natural" really mean? This downloadable chart shows this difference between "natural" and certified organic. download the chart
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