That First Step

Organic Food and a Healthier Future

A Critical Issue Report from The Organic Center,  March 2009

Author(s): Dr. Christine McCullum-Gomez
Dr. Charles Benbrook
Dr. Richard Theuer

Download Executive Summary (PDF file, 8 pages, 539 KB)

Overweight, obesity and diabetes are collectively the nation's number one public health problem. Effective interventions are urgently needed, especially among children and adolescents, in order to improve human well being and to slow, and hopefully soon, reduce growth in health care costs.

This "Critical Issue Report" describes six ways that organic food and farming can contribute to reversing current trends in overweight, obesity, and diabetes.

But most important, the report explains why the conscious decision by individuals to purchase organic food marks a critical first step toward a healthier diet and lifestyle.

For many people, this first step is the beginning of a series of incremental changes with important, long-run health benefits for individuals, families, and society as a whole.

Many readers of the report will be most interested in the subject matter covered in specific chapters, as well as the Executive Summary. For this reason, we include at the beginning in each chapter a section summarizing the chapter's contents and major findings. For readers of the full report, be aware that major findings are repeated in the Executive Summary, in each chapter's summary section, and again in the body of each chapter.




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