Organize Your Refrigerator for Healthy Eating

by Laura Ligos

Eating healthy can seem out of reach, but eating healthy starts at home. We share six ways to organize your refrigerator for healthy eating so that you can get started today. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, and it can start in your refrigerator.
Lending a Cooperative Hand in Nepal

by Maggie Becker

It was a long trek across the ocean but well worth it for Organic Valley team members who volunteered to help with a solar installation in Nepal. A dairy cooperative was having to waste milk because of regular power outages. Spoiled milk no more!
What Reindeer and Cows Have in Common

Jennifer McBride by Jennifer McBride

Organic Valley farmers know all things cows—dairy cows—so we had to find experts to answer questions about reindeer. Why? It may seem unusual but we want to know if reindeer and cows have things in common (like, are cows and reindeer related?)!