5 Fascinating Things About Cows

by Rootstock Editor

Cows are truly miraculous animals. Yes, cows can swim and they have other amazing abilities. The bovine’s sense of taste and smell are also interesting attributes. What’s this about cow tipping?
Sad Cows Abound During Meeting

by Rootstock Editor

Organic Valley farmers and employees gathered in La Crosse, Wisconsin, in April for the co-op’s yearly meeting. Along with the business-end of the meeting, farmers and employees socialized, shared ideas and were introduced to new board members.
Mother's Day (or Any Day) Brunch Ideas

by Jackie Thesing

Making personalized plates, coffee filter flowers and adding touches like unique glassware can help create a perfect Mother’s Day Brunch or an easy brunch for anyone on any day. Brunch can be stress-free with a little prep, and easy egg bakes are great for brunch.