Support our Cooperative and our Mission

by Rootstock Editor

We’ve grown a movement good for animals, the planet, and families just like yours. From 7 founding farmers in 1988 with a hope and a dream to over 1,800 small organic family farms across the country. Learn how to support our movement by investing.
BFFs: Bovine Friends Forever

by Wendy Allen

Do cows have best friends? Yes! And not only do they have their favored friends, hanging out with them makes them happier and low-stress. Read more about what we’ve observed about our bovine BFFs on Organic Valley farms here.
Organic Pantry Staples for Busy Families

by Rootstock Editor

We live busy lives, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing healthful snacks! With a teensy bit of planning, you can keep good food on hand for any rushed moment. Get the most bang for your buck with these top pantry staples for busy families.