Neighbors, Farmers, Friends

by Marina Dvorak

Two organic farmers in New York have lived side by side for decades. Though there are fences between their land, that doesn’t stop them from having each other's backs and forming a tight friendship between their families.
Creamery Rebuild Underway

by Lisa Hill

Fire destroyed much of Organic Valley’s McMinnville Creamery in Oregon last year and now it’s time to rebuild! The new organic creamery will be more efficient and use fewer natural resources.
Soil Sampling and Carbon Sequestration

by Rootstock Editor

Organic Valley is working with an innovative company to get soil carbon information much faster. If the pilot program is successful, the goal is to share the technology with our member farms. Increasing soil carbon is part of the climate solution.
How to Store Butter

by Jennifer McBride

Keeping butter cold helps preserve its flavor but it is safe to eat butter that is kept at room temperature for a few days. The average consumer would know the difference between butter that has been refrigerated or that has been sitting out, an expert said.
The Benefits of Eating Eggs

by Breanna Woods, RD

An egg contains at least a trace amount of almost every vitamin and mineral necessary for the human body to function but are eggs high in cholesterol? Results of recent studies may change the way you think about organic eggs.