Does Milk Help You Sleep?

by Lauren Manaker, registered dietitian

There may be something to having a warm glass of milk before bed! If your children are battling bedtime or if you are having restless nights, read on to learn about nutrients in dairy products that help support sleep.
A Look Into Why Amish Farm With Horses

by Jennifer McBride

About 43% of Organic Valley farmer-members are Amish. As haying season continues and harvest is about to begin, we talk to our Amish members about their organic farming practices. Some use tractors, some use horses, and some use both.
10 Common Terms in Organic Farming

by Rootstock Editor

There is a lot of jargon when it comes to the world of organics. Are you confused about all the organic lingo? Check out these 10 common organic terms and their definitions to get started on your organic vocabulary!
What Is Cheese?

by Alexandra Jones

There is evidence humans have consumed dairy for at least 9,000 years! But what is in cheese? Sit back, have a slice of cheddar, and learn more about cheese’s origins, the history of cheese, and the high-quality ingredients needed to make cheese.