New Year, New Calendar & an Ultra Great New Year

by Organic Valley

Jan. 2, 2020

by Organic Valley

2019 went by so quickly, but it’s a year we will never forget. Over 10 million of you put Organic Valley butter in your carts and stocked your fridges with organic milk from small family farms that love their animals. Through all the noise and news dominating your screens, here’s a rundown of what you helped do by spending your milk money with us:

More support for organic agriculture than any time in the history of the United States

First food company to reach 100% renewable powered in the facilities we own

A new grass-fed seal that helps provide clarity in organic grass-fed dairy

4 million pounds of organic food shared with communities in need

80 stories about food and farming read for 5,505 hours

A refuge for more life on 1,900 farms

That’s a lot of good just from buying dairy and produce that has the Organic Valley logo on it, let alone all the other organic foods you support! We really can’t thank you enough for believing in what we do!

On the 1,800 farms of our cooperative, life flourishes. Cows are outside on pastures that teem with life of all kinds. From butterflies to bees to the loyal farm dog, all life is cared for out here. Since our founding by farmers more than 30 years ago, we have been dedicated to organic food and farming and the interconnectedness of all life. We believe, as much as you believe, that when our cows get time out on grass in the fresh air because that’s what they’re meant to do. Our fields are grown without pesticides so that pollinators and beneficial insects are encouraged to live and thrive.

Wind turbine above solar panels amidst green grass and wildflowers.

Your dedication and support helps us continue to be a refuge for life and a home for innovation on-farm and on-shelf. Every year, we strive to bring new organic products into the world that give you great nutrition with no toxic pesticides, antibiotics, added hormones or GMOs. We brought renewable electricity to over 10,000 people in our community through partnerships and your support. And as an added benefit, pollinator habitats around the solar panels will attract even more life to those communities.

Thank you for choosing Organic Valley, and thank you for reading so many of our stories this year. We can’t tell you what 2020 will bring, but we can tell you that we’ll bring many good stories and delicious moments in the year to come.