The Creamer of Your Dreams!

by Rootstock Editor

Jan. 13, 2022

by Rootstock Editor

Whether you grab a single steamy cup of coffee when you wake in the morning or refill your mug the whole day through, Organic Valley’s flavored creamers are a great addition to your brew.

The newest item in Organic Valley’s lineup, organic French Vanilla Creamer and Sweet Cream Creamer have 40% less sugar than the leading coffee creamer brand and they are lactose-free! Because they are lactose-free they are gentle to digest for those with sensitive stomachs. And they are naturally sweet!

Real Organic Milk and Cream

Organic Valley’s creamers are lower butterfat (7%) than traditional half-and-half and are made with real organic milk and cream from pasture-raised cows on Organic Valley farms. We use organic cane sugar (no oils or artificial sweeteners!) that is produced in Brazil and Colombia and our certified organic vanilla beans come from quality sources around the world, including Madagascar, Uganda, and Tahiti. Our creamer is a naturally smooth and creamy organic addition to all of your favorite coffee, teas, and more.

A woman holds a cup of coffee.

Organic Valley uses the highest quality ingredients so you can start your day (or afternoon, or evening) off right. The coffee creamers are not just for coffee either. You can cook with these delicious, naturally smooth organic creamers! Try our French Vanilla or Sweet Cream creamers in ice cream, candy, and drink recipes. The creamers are also great on fresh fruit!

Count on Quality Ingredients

All Organic Valley dairy products are made with organic milk produced by our cooperative of family farmers who work in harmony with nature. Our creamers are made with cream from cows that are raised with the highest animal care standards and are U.S. Department of Agriculture Certified Organic. Organic Valley farmers never use toxic pesticides, antibiotics, GMOs, or synthetic hormones. A healthy planet means healthy cows and nutritious products for your family to enjoy.

Organic Valley creamer may just be the organic creamer of your dreams! The all-organic ingredients in Organic Valley creamers add delicious flavor to your coffee without overpowering.

Organic Valley flavored creamers, French Vanilla and Sweet Cream, are available in 25.4-ounce containers. Organic Valley products are sold at retailers nationwide. Check out our store locator tool to find Organic Valley products near you. Enjoy!