Three Simple Food Swaps to Supercharge Your Morning

by Rootstock Editor

Jan. 9, 2019

by Rootstock Editor

The new year can be overwhelming. You’re bombarded with trendy diets “guaranteed” to give results in unreasonable lengths of time, weight loss before-and-after photos, and workout “quick fixes” (hint: there’s no such thing).

Well, we’re going to add our two cents, but instead of the usual noise, we want to help you supercharge your mornings. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yadda yadda, but seriously: if you don’t feel good in the first half hour of your day, then how the rest of the day goes will be 50/50 at best.

Read on. It’s good stuff, we promise.


Simple Swap #1: Upgrade your yogurt to grass-fed, like Organic Valley Grassmilk Yogurt (we also make it in kid friendly sizes and flavors!). With this one switch, you and your kids get an excellent source of calcium and protein, with all of the good nutrition that comes from omega-3 and CLA fatty acids. Plus, no antibiotics, synthetic chemicals or hormones, and no GMOs! For toppings, may we recommend organic Nature’s Path granola and Woodstock nut butters?

Simple Swap #2: Who could say no to real butter instead of margarine or oil-based products? “Good” fats are back, and you get plenty of that goodness in Organic Valley’s pasture-raised butter and ghee. Plus, there’s no denying real butter just plain tastes better! If you don’t know what ghee is, you’re not alone. It’s pretty amazing, so we’ll catch you up. Plus, did you know that ghee is allowed in the Whole30® program and is a great option for paleo and keto diets?

Simple Swap #3: Finally, how about the humble, versatile, magnificent egg? Any which way you crack em, organic eggs check all the boxes: no antibiotics, synthetic chemicals/hormones or GMOs; plus, they’re nutritious, and Organic Valley hens have plenty of room to scratch, dust bathe, and generally act like chickens are meant to. The list of the good ol’ egg’s abilities is too long for the space we have here, so we’ll let our recipe collection do the job. Our single-serving Good to Go hard-boiled eggs are perfect for packed lunches and make a healthy on-the-go snack!

Bonus! (and maybe the easiest one on the list)

If you can upgrade even one of your favorite foods to organic, do it! For one thing, it saves you the trauma of trying to translate food labels. Talk about a recipe for a migraine.

You don’t need a PhD (or a migraine) for this one. The USDA Organic seal is the one-stop-shop for no antibiotics, no synthetic hormones, no GMOs, and no toxic chemicals, plus humane animal treatment and environmental goodness. It’s all baked into one symbol. One.

Under the umbrella of this symbol rests pretty much everything you want in and out of your food, not to mention your life. So although the tips we have here are pretty darn easy, swapping in a certified organic food or two this year will make your shopping trips so much simpler (and make our farmer-owners happy too!).