Why Choose Organic Dairy?

Butterfat is an important naturally occurring fat that makes its way into all dairy products. This important component comes straight from the source — raw cow’s milk. With Organic Valley’s happy cows and high standards, you can be confident that you’re consuming high-quality products when choosing Organic Valley.

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Jackie Thesing

Jackie Thesing is a Minnesota girl, born and raised. She, her husband, and two daughters live in the Twin Cities area where they love to spend time outside and be together as a family. After leaving her corporate job to stay home with her daughters, Jackie created a blog, Sweet Girl Treats, to share her favorite recipes and baking tips. When Jackie isn’t busy with the many tasks of motherhood, you’ll likely find her in the kitchen developing new desserts, probably with at least one of her “sweet girls” at her side! Follow Jackie’s baking journey on her Instagram page @sweetgirltreatsmn and subscribe to her blog!

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