Experience food grown in harmony with nature by families who love and respect their animals and the land.

Small Farms Making a Big Difference

Our small organic family farms are dedicated to sustainable farming practices and ethical animal care. It’s a pure and simple way of farming that makes a positive impact on animals, people, the Earth and your food.

Meet Our Farmers

A Higher Standard of Animal Care.

Happy cows make better milk. Which is why our cows spend 50% more time grazing on pasture than USDA organic standards require. That’s more time outside than 95% of dairy cows in the U.S.! Plus, our smaller herd sizes mean more TLC for every animal. We love our cows!

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Low Carbon Footprint Dairy

Our farmers work with nature not against it. We combat climate change by regenerating soils, sequestering carbon into pastures, protecting waterways from toxic pesticide run off, and creating sanctuaries for birds, bees, frogs, cows, chickens, and even dung beetles!

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Better lives for cows. Better food for you.

Our cows live how nature intended. Plenty of time outside, roaming open pastures and eating organic grass. No GMOs, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or feed treated with toxic pesticides. And that makes for purely delicious and nutritious food you can feel good about serving your family.

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Meet the Millers, Organic Valley Farmers

Millers’ Organic Dairy in New York is one of the nearly 1700 Organic Valley farms dedicated to ethical farming. Brothers Les and Jim Miller, and Jim’s son, Ken, manage the farm’s daily operation, while other members of the family can be found doing chores and giving their cows plenty of TLC.

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