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Putting Farmers First

We're the opposite of a huge corporation. Organic Valley is a farmer-owned cooperative existing to save, support, and sustain small organic family farms. Today, we consist of approximately 1,700 small organic family farms who share the same commitment to organic agriculture.

Saving Small Organic Family Farms

Every time you choose Organic Valley, you're helping to save small organic family farms. Our family farms produce nourishing food in a way that is good for people, animals, and the earth.


We believe small organic family farms are crucial to everyone's future. Which is why we're on a mission to save them. Everytime you choose Organic Valley, you're supporting planet positive farming practices, high animal care standards family farms produce nourishing food in a way that is good for people, animals, and the earth.

Less Carbon, More Grass

Together, our farms average 24% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to the average U.S. dairy farm! That makes us one of the lowest carbon dairies in the country! We are also pioneering new programs such as carbon insetting that pays our farmers to plant trees and farm to further reduce carbon. And a 2022 study helps show our carbon footprint is half that of the biggest organic brand*.

Animals Actually Spend Time Outside

Our small organic family farms work hard to create an environment where animals experience the five freedoms of animal welfare and can freely express their natural behaviors — like grazing and foraging, roaming and playing on pasture.

Little Herds and Lots of Love

Our average herd size across our cooperative is 80 cows, which is 3.5x smaller than the national average. So our cows get plenty of TLC and holistic animal care and are supported by five on-staff animal care professionals, including a ruminant nutritionist and multiple staff veterinarians.

No Toxic Pesticides, No GMOs

Organic Valley farms have kept more than 440 million pounds of pesticides off the land since our founding in 1988. Since our start, we have farmed in harmony with nature. Being organic means our farms never raise food with glyphosate, dicamba, or any other toxic pesticides. On Organic Valley farms, you can hear and see the birds, bees, butterflies, and biodiversity of life that call small organic family farms home. And we certainly don’t use GMOs or synthetic hormones. We only use wholesome organic ingredients with no artificial fillers or synthetic stabilizers.

Ethically Sourced from Small Organic Family Farms

Organic Valley is a different kind of place. Where food is ethically sourced, which means it’s produced on small, organic family farms where families care for the animals and the earth, while living up to the requirements of certified organic agriculture as well as our cooperative’s own standards and practices designed to promote respect for the dignity and interdependence of human, animal, plant, soil, and global life.

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