The ski bum farmer

A farmer’s journey from cityscape to farm field.  

“I’m a farmer who likes to ski or a ski bum who likes to farm,” says Tyler Webb.

Let’s just say Tyler and Melanie began their journey as Vermont dairy farmers in the most unlikely of places. After working for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Tyler couldn’t get the love of farming out of his system.

That’s when he bought a 32-acre abandoned dairy in Fairfield, Vermont.

When he met Melanie who worked as a photographer in New York, the two hit it off. “Melanie came to the farm with a whole other creative lens,” Tyler says. “We complement each other really well.”

Soon the beef farm he built progressed into a full-fledged organic dairy. Although dairy farming has a learning curve, Tyler says the cows help, “Your cows tell you every day via milk production whether or not you’re doing your job right.”

Tyler might not be hitting the slopes quite as often as he would like, but his master’s in agronomy and sustainable agriculture guides him to this day.

“As organic farmers, we are stewards of the land, so we spend a lot of time thinking about sustainability. So investing in renewable energy was a no-brainer for us. Our farm sits atop a windy ridge with southern exposure, so we are in an ideal spot for wind and solar. We're so grateful to our Organic Valley family for helping us realize this next step in our sustainability goals,” says Tyler.

With an Airbnb business on the side, people are discovering where organic milk and meat really come from by exploring the Webb Family Farm.

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