A Farming Destiny

Jamie was destined to farm from day one.

Jamie always wanted to be a farmer. His family says it’s in his blood. Getting the family farm up and running again, however, was no easy task.

When Jamie and his wife Sarah set out to revive the family farm, most of their peers were leaving farming for greener pastures in higher paying career fields. Struggling with competing in a conventional dairy industry with massive herd sizes, the outlook was grim.

That’s when they met Hank Stoker, their friendly neighborhood Organic Valley farmer.

Hank explained how organic farming benefits small farms with healthy soil and healthy herds. Fast-forward a bit, and Jamie and Sarah were ready to send their first load of organic milk to market—on the same day their son was born.

“When you see ‘farmer-owned’ on that sign, it’s not just a marketing slogan. It’s the truth,” Sarah says.

Today, the Huftalen family owns and operates a 100 percent grass-based dairy.

“We believe it’s the most natural way to farm and results in the healthiest food,” says Sarah. “We’re so proud to be Organic Valley farmers. Our co-op stands by its mission. They are in it for the farmer, not quickie profits. When people ask me what’s the difference between Organic Valley milk and a competitor’s product, I tell them that buying Organic Valley milk supports our farm directly.”

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