Mom pouring Organic Valley Grassmilk for her son's breakfast.
Grass to Glass Milk.

Nature’s rich, flavorful, nutrient-dense love is on full display in Organic Valley Grassmilk products. Produced by cows who eat 100% organic grass 100% of the time, it gives you and your family a true taste of the earth’s organic goodness—and even more Omega-3!

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Organic Grass, All the Time
Organic Grass, All the Time
More Omega-3s
More Omega-3s
High standards of animal care
High standards of animal care

Organic Valley Grassmilk doesn’t just taste amazing. It’s also amazingly nutrient-dense compared to regular milk. Because our Grassmilk cows eat nothing but grass, the milk they make has way more Omega-3s, offering that beneficial fatty acid goodness that your family deserves.

More goodness from the great outdoors.

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Woman and child in a field petting a cow.

Cows raised right.

With an average herd of just 75 cows who eat 100% organic grass 100% of the time, our Grassmilk cows have a pretty sweet life. And that’s by design. Because when we care for our animals, help them lead healthy and happy lives, and let them do what they were born to do, they give us something incredible—creamy, organic Grassmilk made from all the goodness that exists outside.

Two children sharing strawberries and Organic Valley Grassmilk.

Grass. Milk. Nothing else.

Making Organic Valley Grassmilk isn’t rocket science. We just let happy, well-cared-for cows do their thing. We give them fields to graze, feed them nothing but 100% organic grass, and never even consider treating them or their environment with antibiotics, chemicals, GMOs, or pesticides. Sound simple? It kind of is. But what you get out of it is truly amazing—a rich, uniquely flavored milk packed with more Omega-3s than grain-fed dairy.

The Grassmilk Family.

Grassmilk isn’t just goodness in a glass. You can enjoy it in a lot of ways! Explore our Grassmilk products—and find your favorite.

An Organic Grass-Fed Certification Seal You Can Trust

A grass-fed organic standard and certification seal that everyone can trust.

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