Mom pouring organic pasture-raised milk for her family.
The Good Stuff Comes From the Pastures.

“Pasture-raised” isn’t a marketing buzzword at Organic Valley. It’s our actual approach to farming. And here, our cows are exactly that. They roam free in fields, graze on grass, and spend a ton of time doing what comes naturally to them. And when they’re done, they make milk. Milk so nutritious, so full of organic love, that it’ll feed your family inside and out.

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More time outside
More time outside
Quality checks
Quality checks
High standards of animal care
High standards of animal care

Organic Valley Pasture-Raised products are defined by quality—quality care to our animals, and quality milk for the families we feed. And everything we do (like feeding our herds from organic grass and grains, letting them roam free) and everything we don’t (like loading them up with hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs) is in the service of that—simple, pure, organic milk.

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Two young boys in a field feeding a cow organic grass.

Cows raised right.

With an average herd of just 75 cows and an ample amount of pasture time to roam free and munch organic grass, our cows are anything but cooped up. And that’s by design. Because when we care for our animals, help them lead relaxing and happy lives, and let them do what they were born to do, they give us something incredible—creamy, organic dairy made from all the goodness that exists outside.

Two boys enjoying fresh Organic Valley Whole Milk.

The highest quality comes from care.

How many quality checks do you think the average milk goes through? We don’t know either. But we do know that Organic Valley Pasture-Raised milks go through 57 of them. Because when it comes to feeding the people you care for most, you want nothing but the best for them. So here it is.

The Pasture-Raised family.

The perfect choice for organic, our family of Pasture-Raised products offer the assurance of animal welfare and organic goodness—and taste creamy-dreamy delicious.

What is Organic Pasture

Pasture is more than “just grass.” It’s a living ecosystem that gives animals the nutrition they need to grow and thrive. Pasture is a world in and of itself, and we want to give you a ground-level peek at an Organic Valley pasture. It’s too incredible not to share.

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