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Your Pacific Northwest Neighborhood Organic Food Cooperative

74 Local Organic Farms

No wonder Portland and Seattle are the fastest growing metro areas in the U.S. When you can saunter through one of the biggest, oldest farmers markets in the country or go from rainforest to the top of Mount Adams in a day, what’s not to love?

While PNW locals are busy enjoying the best of many worlds, our farmers are busy cherishing the glorious Pacific Northwest earth, from northern Washington to southern Oregon. Besides working hard to bring you the best food you can buy, we and the cooperative we own are busy making the Pacific Northwest an even better place to live.

Meet Your Local Organic Valley Farmers

Solar Panels and School Kids

From sustainability initiatives to community events in hundreds of small towns, our farmers make a difference. In Boring, Oregon, Melissa and Andy Collman planted two acres of solar panels on their farm. As part of our Adopt-a-Farmer program, more than 500 school kids visit their farm every year. Melissa even provides kids in the community with animals to raise, care for and show in 4-H competitions.

Ride the Willapa

Gary and Sharon McCool’s Rosecrest Farm in Washington borders the Chehalis trail, so every year he is a featured stop in Ride the Willapa, a bike event that includes farm tours. Riders can stop and refresh themselves with our delicious organic food and take a quick tour of Gary and Sharon’s farm.

Building Oregon Soil

Kelly and Pete Mahaffey are literally building Oregon soil. On their Coos County, Oregon, farm, they take other people’s problems—how to dispose of crab and shrimp shells from the nearby coastal fishing industry—and turn them into earth by crushing the shells and using them to fertilize their pastures. The shells are full of trace elements essential for reinvigorating Oregon soil and growing nutritious grasses for their cows.

Local Organic Milk in the Pacific Northwest

When you see a farmer front and center on our cartons, it’s not because they’re starting a modeling career. It’s because our cooperative of small family farms wants to show you who pasture-raises the cows that make the milk you know and love. In fact, when you see the word “Local” on the package, it means the Organic Valley farmer hails from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. No matter whether it’s milk, butter, eggs or cheese you see, you can be confident that it comes from a family farm in our cooperative.


Organic Valley local and national Whole Milk



Organic Valley—Bringing the Good to the Pacific Northwest

McMinnville Creamery: Rebuilding Local Food

This is our first brick-and-mortar facility outside of Wisconsin! As long-time customers of this creamery, we weren’t about to see it close down. We bought it and it is now dedicated to organic production. Best of all, we are proud to keep jobs in the area making delicious, local food.

Protecting the Land

Organic Valley has supported PCC Farmland Trust’s valuable work since 2006. With as fast as the Pacific Northwest is growing, creating and protecting sustainable agriculture areas is even more crucial to folks in the region.

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