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24 Local Organic Farms

Famous mountain man and scout Jim Bridger recommended Idaho’s Cache Valley as the place for Brigham Young’s Mormon Mecca. He knew the Bear River and spring snowmelt from the mountains could provide plenty of water for agriculture.

It’s a good thing farmers heeded his advice. Colorado boasts what locals call “fourteeners,” the 14-thousand-foot-high (and higher) peaks. Fortunately for consumers in the Mountain region, our farmers don’t rely on the Rockies only for their recreational value.

All over the mountainous west, we keep an eye on the snowpack just as Jim Bridger suggested, always gauging how much water will be available for our livestock and the grasslands they thrive on.

Although, we can’t say it hurts to work with a view of the sun peeking over the Rockies!



Meet Your Local Organic Valley Farmers

Water Rights

Over in Cache Valley, Idaho, Greg Bingham is a counselor in his church and sits on the Water Department Board. Water rights in arid western states can be contentious, but Greg handles disputes with stoicism and diplomacy.

A Bishop on the Farm

Besides stewarding their beautiful organic farm in Cub River Canyon (Franklin County, Idaho), the Knapps are very active in their church where Kyle is a bishop.

School Boards, Coaching and Farming

Calhan, Colorado, is sure lucky to have Scott and Robin Mikita. When they’re not fighting crazy toll road development projects like the Super Slab (a.k.a. Prairie Falcon Parkway Express), Scott sits on at least two (at last count!) area school boards and is a volunteer athletic coach at the local junior high school.

1,000 Kids

In Utah, Mike and Beth Wangsgard host 1,000 school kids on their farm every year. And in his “spare time,” Mike leads a local Boy Scout troop and sits on his local Farm Bureau and Water District boards.

Local Organic Milk in the Mountain States

Local farmers never get enough credit. That’s why we put them on the front of the package. The farmers you see on our milk cartons in stores throughout the Mountain States are real farmers. With real lives. Making real differences in communities across the region. Their hard work and dedication turns into the organic milk on your local store shelves.


Organic Valley Whole Milk

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