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52 Local Organic Farms

Cows don’t much care about Key West beaches, what’s new and amazing in Raleigh-Durham’s Research Triangle or cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway. Instead, from central Florida to Virginia and across the Appalachians clear to Tennessee, they enjoy (mostly) warm weather, longer growing seasons and pastures that grow lush on our local organic farms.

We’re are proud of what we do in our communities, but what’s even better is how proud we are to pass on our legacy of cooperation and community to our children.


Meet Your Local Organic Valley Farmers

Honor and Service

In Iredell North Carolina, Sam Dobson is awfully proud of his son, but he also never misses an opportunity to honor his elders for their service to their community and country. Besides generations of family military service, Sam’s dad, Jim Dobson, received the Order of the Long Leaf Pine award from the governor of North Carolina in July 2013, which is given “to persons for exemplary service to the State of North Carolina and their communities.”

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Disaster Relief

Neill Lindley in Chatham County, North Carolina, is a longtime member of his local Ruritan club, a service organization dedicated to “fellowship, goodwill and community service.” In addition to his Ruritan duties, Neill and other members of his Quaker church are frequently called out with a coalition of churches to support disaster relief in regional communities suffering the devastating effects of hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and floods.

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Local Organic Milk in the Southeast

Every time you see our milk on the shelf, you’re looking at one of the farmers who own our cooperative. We put them on the package because because they're working hard each and every morning to bring you delicious organic milk. Throughout the Southeast, when you see the word “Local” on the package, you’re looking at a local organic farmer who works hard to put the best quality organic milk on your table.


Organic Valley local and national Whole Milk



Organic Valley—Bringing the Good to the Southeast

Croatan Institute

We are all about the economic and environmental benefits of organic farming, which is why we’ve joined hands with the Croatan Institute to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for economic revitalization through organic agriculture in North Carolina. The plan is to educate farmers, entrepreneurs, economic development officials and others about what we can accomplish in the state.

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Regenerative Agriculture

We’re helping regenerate our local environment by developing seeds that are adapted to the specific needs of our North Carolina climate through the Breeding for organic production systems program, operated by RAFI-USA. We’re also helping build farm-scale pollinator habitats, complementing ongoing federal education to strengthen organic seed research and create a better world for all of us.

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