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Your Southwest Regional Organic Food Cooperative

From a 4,000-foot plateau in Curry County, New Mexico to the oak woods and prairie east of Dallas, Texas, our farmers are making a difference to the environment and to their states’ economies, not to mention to the taste buds of the folks who live around them. The food scene in Austin? We are proud to be a part of that!

We go the extra mile even beyond our hard work at home. We work with organizations and volunteers from Louisiana to New Jersey and beyond when disaster strikes. Last year in Houston after Hurricane Harvey, we helped deliver much-needed food to Texas families and the hardworking volunteers donating their time.



Local Organic Milk in the Southwest

When you go shopping for organic milk, we’re the one with real farmers on the package. Why are our farmers the focus? Maybe it’s because we are a cooperative founded and owned by farmers from small towns. Or maybe it’s because our farmers work hard every day to deliver the greatest, most delicious milk anywhere.


Organic Valley local and national milk



Organic Valley—Bringing the Good to the Southwest

A Helping Hand

Because key elements of our cooperative foundation principles are giving back and helping those in need, CROPP Cooperative / Organic Valley operates a disaster relief program that provides various types of support to areas around the country affected by natural disasters.

A Helping Hand

In Houston, we supported the on-the-ground efforts of our friends at the nonprofit United Peace Relief (UPR). UPR coordinated a kitchen in Houston at Oak Meadows Community Worship Center where flood victims were able to get food and water for many weeks. And CROPP donated plenty of food to the Midwest Food Bank, which partners with the Salvation Army. 20 semi-loads of product were sent to Texas, and we were honored to be included.

A Helping Hand

CROPP also provided significant relief support in other disaster situations such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Hurricane Maria in 2017 and in many other natural disasters throughout the 30-year history of our cooperative.

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