Not only is taking care of our animals the humane thing to do, it’s also good for business.

Organic Valley cows are some of the healthiest around. Because they are allowed to express natural behaviors in their own time, in their own way, without unnatural pressure to maximize yields. Just as it should be.

Pasture cows don’t milk as much, so their metabolism isn’t as high as conventional cows. 

This means that they are under less physiological stress which leads to fewer health challenges and longer life expectancy. A tradeoff between producing more milk and not pushing the cows.

Pasture cows have better physical comfort. 

Their feet are evolved for standing in pasture and grass (vs. concrete). Outside, their bedding is more natural, and because they are often more spread out, it is easier to keep them clean. 

Cows make friends.

When cows like ours are raised out on pasture, they socialize with other cows freely—and they make lifelong friends. More time outside and less time spent in the barn gives the animals of our cooperative all kinds of health benefits.

Cows should graze on pasture; chickens should scratch in dirt with real access to the outdoors. Our organic practices answer consumer expectations about transparency and integrity around animal care. 

The health of our animals is directly linked to how well we deliver on our organic promises everyday. By prioritizing healthy soil, air, water, crops, farmers, products and planet—we're fostering healthier animals, too.

We always take steps to:

  • Prevent diseases (vaccinations)
  • Treat sick animals (minimize pain whenever possible)
  • Promote natural behaviors (daily access to outdoors & pasture)
  • Learn from each other (educational meetings for farmer-owners, promote best management practices)
  • Ensure transparency (from farmer-owners all the way to you)

We also firmly commit to:

  • No tail docking
  • No beak clipping
  • No artificial hormones
  • No synthetic pesticides
  • No GMOs
  • No tolerance for mistreatment
Powering the Good - Organic Valley Sustainability
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