Cooperative Climate Action Network

Climate change and its consequences critically impact our ability to thrive, at both the personal and the business level. But what can we do about it? For starters, our farmers and employees work together toward Powering the Good.

CROPP’s farmer-members are already committed to organic practices on their farms, and in addition to that, many of them take advantage of the Energy Services Programs available through the co-op’s Sustainability Department.

Our employees are making greater commitments to sustainability as well. One of the ways we work with employees to battle climate change is through a cooperative-wide Cooperative Climate Action Network (CCAN). This action-oriented group strives to enhance our understanding and awareness of climate change in order to mitigate risk and identify opportunities for change and improvement at work and at home.

CCAN members openly pledge to take individual actions on CROPP’s intranet. Here they learn about actions they can take in many areas of their lives. They even keep climate scorecards to see how their individual actions add up and who is taking the most action!

Actions taken by effectively networking contribute to local, regional, national and global climate action. Together, we CAN reverse climate change.

Powering the Good - Organic Valley Sustainability
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