We really are one big family–spread out among a whole lot of family farms.

One family farm at a time—times a lot.
Nearly 1,800 family farms strong.

Organic Valley is the largest organic farmer cooperative in the world. That means our business model works—for member farmers, our co-op at large, and for our mission of taking organic food and farming to as broad an audience as possible.

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The world’s steadiest, and most sustainable dairy pay prices

To continue bringing better products to market, we do everything we can to ensure farmer-owners are fairly compensated for their difficult and intensive work.

We have access to world-class veterinarians and agronomists

Being part of our co-op means small family farmers get access to tools they might not otherwise be able to afford. This helps keep our animals and soil healthy.

Our co-op represents more than 10% of all organic farmers in the U.S.

When you’re scaling small, growth is good. Every new farmer that joins our co-op means another farm staying independent and out of the hands of industrial agriculture.

Farming nearly 500,000 acres of organic land—and growing

As consumer demand for organic grows, Organic Valley will continue bringing new farms into the organic fold to provide the market with healthy, high quality products.

Powering the Good - Organic Valley Sustainability
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