Healthy financials mean solid ground to grow on.

An open letter to the next generation of farmers. With love from Mother Nature, via Organic Valley. 

Farming is one of the most noble pursuits we can imagine. Noble, incredibly difficult, and often with little reward. 

No surprise then, that in the last fifty years, over 600,000 family farms have gone out of business; a large percentage of this land has fallen into the hands of giant corporations bent on profit margins and immediate shareholder value. Corners get cut; short term goals are prioritized over long term sustainability.  

Co-ops are a bright spot—especially our co-op, providing farmers with the means and resources to keep their independence. Keep their respect, keep their dignity. And keep the next generation on the land. 

At Organic Valley, we believe farm financial health has a direct impact on farm wellbeing. Since 2008, we’ve helped secure nearly $8 million in government and private grant funds for our member farms. These funds go directly into the hands of our farmer-members who, in turn, make investments in the sustainability of their farm operations.

We also actively work to connect members with farm business resources to make sure our member farms are in business for generations to come. These family farmers, their land and cows, are where the wisdom and passion of generations of organic farming live.

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