Our regional pooling model keeps our products fresher, and keeps our footprint smaller.

The shortest route to good.
From cow to consumer, local matters.

We’re proud of our local farmers’ commitment to growing food the most sustainable ways possible. So we work just as hard to keep it local for you, too. 

Working with a local-first focus reduces “food miles” and keeps our supply chain tight and efficient. And by working with many different local bottling companies, real jobs get created and local economies get boosted. 

In the bigger picture: the greater the demand for organic food, the more local farmers we can bring into the cooperative. They bring in more farmland, water and animals that benefit from this big, beautiful thing we call “Doing Good.”

The closer the cow, the fresher the milk.

Organic Valley distribution map

Steps to your door.

Step 1:
Organic milk is taken from the farm to nearby processing.

Step 2:
Processed milk goes to nearby distribution.

Step 3:
Packaged milk goes to a nearby retailer.

Step 4:
Local milk, from local store, goes home with you.


Powering the Good - Organic Valley Sustainability
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