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Holding organic to the highest possible standards. Pushing them to be even better—every single day.

We helped write the rules for organic farming more than 20 years ago, because we wanted “organic” to maintain its integrity.


More nutrients
from rich,
healthy soil.



Healthier, more
robust cows with
longer lives from
eating more grass.


Always GMO-free;
just look for the
USDA seal.



Food without the
health risks that
antibiotics, and
chemical 'cides

Organic covers what non-GMO labels can't 

Non-GMO labeling is a great start, but it's only a start, because non-GMO labeling doesn't always account for things organic certification bans: toxic pesticides, dangerous (but still widely used) herbicides like glyphosate, sewage sludge… Not a pretty picture. 

Going certified organic is the easiest way to avoid GMOs—and a long list of other worries.

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When “more expensive” costs everyone less 

Organic certification requires farmers & suppliers to meet more requirements than big agribusiness does. Extra work and attention can mean additional cost at retail. 

Cheaper conventional products ignore the costs their shortcuts pass on to us in other ways: additional health care, environmental damage, economic stress on struggling rural communities, subsidies for mono-cropping systems, etc.

Buying organic buys us all so much more.

Illustration-HealthyAnimals@2x.pngHealthier animals: Holistic veterinary care vs. overused antibiotic treatments (the problem? Antibiotic resistance in humans, which kills over 23,000 Americans a year. And no slowing in sight) 

Illustration-HealthyYou@2x.pngHealthier you: Fewer toxic chemicals, fewer food-related risks, lower health costs 

Illustration-HealthySoil@2x.pngHealthier soil: No need to manufacture synthetic soil-polluting additives, or expenses for inevitable clean up

Illustration-HealthyPlanet@2x.pngHealthier planet: Organic pasturing sequesters carbon and slows climate change. Grass-based agriculture also uses fewer petroleum inputs, lowering greenhouse gas emissions further

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