It’s our most valuable asset. So as farmers, soil is where our heart is.

We don’t treat soil like dirt.
Healthy soil = healthy plants, healthy animals and healthy you.

Organic farming keeps pesticides off the earth and out of our soil – over 440 million lbs. of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers kept off the land since 1988.

Unlike spray farming which can sterilize the soil, then requiring additional inputs like fertilizer, organic farming lets soil “breathe” and work its magic naturally. 

With fewer chemicals choking it out, microbial life flourishes (nature’s own way of fertilizing and fortifying soil), creating a rich, robust foundation for healthy pasture. Healthy soil retains more moisture; more moisture means plant roots retain more soil, so erosion and water runoff are reduced, too.

Even cows can tell the difference. Cows grazing on organic pasture are where they’re meant to be, snacking on what they’re meant to eat. 

Food and farming, the way they were meant to be. It’s simple (when we get out of nature’s way).

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