Where the end of one thing becomes the start of something much, much more.

The beauty in reducing, recycling, and reusing—over and over again

In organic farming, everything is related in one big, beautiful cycle—families, farms, cows, the earth and you. So too, is waste.

When waste becomes fuel for richer soil and healthy plants

The diets we feed our cows lead to a higher quality manure—perfect for our soils to grow higher quality pastures (and sequester more greenhouse gases).

We make our own biofuel from sunflowers

We produce biodiesel made from sunflowers grown on Organic Valley farms and use it as fuel for trucks and tractors. In 2016, biodiesel use in our distribution fleet resulted in the avoidance of 384.7 Mton of CO2.

Agricultural plastic recycling program at work

Plastic bags are a useful way to keep feed fresh for cows year round, but they’re rarely recycled. So we started a dairy pool recycling program to recover bale wrap, silage bags and bunker covers and collected 32.15 tons in 2016.

Organic is for everyone, and we love to share

Every year, we donate millions of dollars worth of our delicious, healthful, organic products to homeless shelters and community programs, so the goodness of organic gets out far and wide.

Powering the Good - Organic Valley Sustainability
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