We Got Goals!

As a cooperative of organic farmers throughout the U.S. we are affected by climate change from the ground up. How best to combat it?

We’ve been on the renewable energy and efficiency path from the get-go. In 2012 we commissioned our Cashton Greens Wind Farm which was sized to produce 100 percent of our electricity needs with renewable sources.

But businesses grow and so do their energy needs.

By 2014, we could only cover about 81 percent; by the end of 2016, the amount was closer to 60 percent. We were falling further behind.

Now, we’ve formalized our goals via a solid, long-term plan.

Top two goals:

This includes all facilities that we own and operate, as well as company-owned vehicles. We will reach these goals by increasing use of zero and low carbon fuels, and increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy.

With our additional renewable energy sources on track for completion, we focus now on non-renewable fuel use in our facilities (natural gas, propane) and in our fleet vehicles (gas, diesel). Renewable thermal sources like biogas and geothermal are on the table, along with reaching 100% biodiesel use in our diesel vehicles. We are motivated to achieve business carbon neutrality by 2022 because, “As leaders in food and farming, it is our responsibility to pioneer change for good.” (Jonathan Reinbold, head of sustainability, Organic Valley)

Powering the Good - Organic Valley Sustainability
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